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Cognos Planning and Budgetting Online Training

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Cognos Planning and Budgetting Online Training


Introduction Cognos planning analyst

Create D-list and D-cube
Load data
Distribute data
Create and distribute an income statement
Forecast data
Automate processes
Object maintance and administration
Use complex calculations
Examine the advanced concepts
Designing for reporting
Enhance the functionality using add-in excel
Illustrate the model using the planning manager
Examining the components of the Cognos planning solutions
Examine the main parts of the Analysis model
Discuss libraries
Discuss D-lists
Discuss D-cubes
Discuss D-links
Create library
Manually create D-lists
Import d-list from excel sources
Modify D-lists
Build D-cubes
Determine what can be used as source data
Create a file maps to assist in loading data
Loading data from an external source into a d-cube
Load data from one d-cube to another
Prepare calculations and d-list item
Control user input using a formatted d-list
Use built in functions to calculate data
Use time average in a d-list
Use weight average in a d-list
Applying conditional formulas to a d-list
Use a d-cube to allocate data
Summarize d-cubes data with accumulation d-links
Populate the a d-cube based on text in the targets d-cube using lookup d-links.